useful + beautiful

(this week for our simple sunday supper: grilled cheese and tomato soup)

have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, beautiful, or believe to be beautiful.

~william morris

i stumbled upon this post that so resonated with me.  i appreciate how the author* described our relentless pursuit of stuff –  how we “buy to fill a hole instead of feed a passion.”

as fran and i sat down to our grilled cheese and tomato soup, you know what i realized?  as much as i love looking at (more like: drooling over/coveting) shelter blogs and magazines, at the end of the day, i love our house.  yes, it’s tiny and a bit bare and we can only comfortably have 2-3 people over.  it’s not worthy of an apartment therapy tour, but it’s just right, for us.

and i hope that it’s just right for the people and passions that are important to us.  i hope that more often than not, our home reflects hospitality and contentment.  and if fran has anything to do with it, our home will also be filled with good food!

what about you?  what do you love about your home?

*jules from

2 thoughts on “useful + beautiful

  1. girl, that’s deep. I love it.

    as you know, we have a small space for 5 (3 growing) people but we’re thankful. It’s cozy, homey, quaint, messy (that I don’t really like) and it gets crowded in the bathroom. What I like about it is I know what everyone’s doing…everyone’s accounted for =.) no one’s complaining about wanting more space. we simply just go out and walk to the beach, or to the park. or to Walgreen’s =.)

    Happy Tuesday, my friend.

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